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Nicholas Ives - The Crudes

  26 May 2021

Nicholas Ives has proven to be a real hit with New Zealand audiences, and his show ‘The Crudes’ is no exception. For this episode Nic joins us from his Melbourne based studio - and talks about the inspiration behind the show, and many of the works featured in it.

Gregory Pryor

  16 Dec 2020

This show explores the landscapes and deep historical legacies that come with it – through the lens of imaginary (and possibly real) historical characters plotting and navigating their way, with various degrees of success and tragedy, through a landscape at once alien and forbidding.

Star and Ra Gossage

  1 Nov 2020

Sisters Star, Aroha and Ra Gossage are well known for their individual talents and unique work, and In this Podcast Star and Ra talk about what inspires their work in the show, Still No Answer.

Wayne Youle

  1 Oct 2020

Wayne Youle is one of New Zealand’s most exciting artists. Unpredictable. Mischievous. Yet profoundly serious in his intent to confront us with the big questions of what art can be on a fundamental level – by creating it, rather than just theorising about it.

Iain Cheesman & Rainer Beneke

  1 Sep 2020

Iain Cheesman & Rainer Beneke discuss their individual and collaborative works in the exciting show

Martin Poppelwell V-Project

  1 Aug 2020

Hugely popular with visitors to the Matakana gallery, Martin Poppelwell’s V-Project (his ‘big show in a small room’) was a heartfelt and magical response to our Studio Gallery space. In this podcast, Martin tells us more about the work in the show, what inspires his thinking, and how he changes his ideas more often than his shirts.

Rupert Herring

  1 Jul 2020

Rupert’s work traverses a fine line between woodworking, furniture design and sculpture. Toying with our ideas of colonialism and history while exploring what it means to be a New Zealander today, Rupert’s work is also often deeply personal. Here, Rupert talks to us about his work, and the continual tension between form and function in his practice.

Grace Wright

  1 Jun 2020

Sublime. Elegant. Enigmatic. Joyful. And powerful. These are all words that have been used to describe Grace’s work. And in this podcast - she joins us in The North Gallery with Scott Lawrie and a small audience for an Artist talk – followed by questions and answers from the audience.